Movie Quiet® 60KW Generator 500 Amps Prime Power @ 120 Volts

Less is more has never been truer. 25% smaller, as much as 2000 pounds (907 kg) lighter and delivers a full 500 amps in both single and three phase. Can be towed with any half-ton vehicle. In production for over 10 years.

As with all LitePOWER products, the 60KW Generator is automated for simple, worry-free operation. We use only the highest quality components from the leading suppliers such as Cummins, Marathon, Newage, Woodward/Barber-Colman and Controls, Inc.

Got a problem or a question? Service, operation and technical information about our LitePOWER products is available here on our website Still got a question? Our toll free service number is available 24/7. 800 474-8111.

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