60KW Generator Specifications

Perkins 1104D-E44TG1 turbocharged 4 cylinder diesel. Meets EPA Mobile Off Highway Tier 3 Flex, California CARB requirements (TPEM).

Frequency Control
Electronic engine management ensures precise frequency control. Meets HMI lighting requirements.

Engine control, AC monitoring, fault and pre-fault systems are provided by a microprocessor-based system. All readouts are digital and are listed below. Weather-proof glass cover.

We are proud to offer the IntelliVision IV-5 LCD 5″ display unit.  There are several pages of information to view for generator, engine and maintenance/statistical information as well as a home page that displays typically requested information.

Main Page Display    Faults and Pre-Faults Electrical Display
AC Voltage – All Legs Oil Pressure Fault/Pre-Fault AC Voltage – All Legs
Amperage – All Legs Water Temp Fault/Pre-Fault Amperage – All Legs
Frequency – All Legs Over Crank Fault kW – Actual Power
Oil Pressure Over Speed Fault kVAr – Reactive Power
Water Temperature Low Fuel Fault and Pre-Fault Frequency – Hz
Battery Voltage Low Battery Pre-Fault
Fuel Level


Voltage RegulatorGenerator
Lima/Marathon MagnaPLUS 94KW with Single Phase/Three Phase Switch. Provides full 500A@120V output in Single Phase and in Three Phase. Marine rated rectifier with surge suppression. CSA listed.

Basler AVC63-7 with remote voltage adjustment. UL and CSA listed.

Circuit Breaker
250 amp breaker protects equipment in either single or three phase. Weather-proof glass cover. UL and CSA listed.

Electrical Connection
2 rows of UL listed Cam-Lok type connectors with male and female grounds. 2 Edison 20A outlets with separate breakers provided for convenience outlets. Engine block heater connection. NEC approved panel.

With Trailer: Length: 154″, Width: 86″, Height: 72″
Without Trailer: Length: 96″, Width: 36″, Height: 50″
Weight: Trailer, generator, and fuel: 3500 lbs. (1590 kg)
Weight: Generator and fuel: 3000 lbs. (1363 kg)

Noise Level
Less than 50 db(A) @ 50 feet.

Optional Accessories

Remote Annunciator
Provides remote monitoring of engine and generator with the same readouts as controller. Includes any length cable up to 50′. Cable up to 1500 yards available.

Paralleling System with vacuum contactor
We make paralleling easy.

  • Isochronous Load Sharing
  • Auto-Synchronizer
  • Load Management

Remote Annunciator
Provides remote monitoring of engine/generator.

Electronic Service Kit
Provides total redundancy of all electronic parts. Each component can be installed in less than ten minutes. Includes:

  • ComAp IG-NT Base Box
  • ComAp IV-5 Display
  • Basler AVC63-7
  • Spare Control Relay

480 Volt
277/480 Volt 3 phase is now standard on US models.

Single Dexter Torflex axle, 15″ aluminum wheels, electric brakes or surge hydraulic brakes, 5-position coupler (with choice of 2″ ball, 2-5/16″ ball or Pintle hook), DOT lighting, 3500 lbs. (1588 kg) GVW. Includes spare tire.

Trailer Fender Tool Box
These tool boxes have been integrated with the fender and the trailer to allow the owner to store equipment.  They are available for both street side and curb side and can be purchased as a pair or individually as an option.  Each box will hold at least three gallon bottles of oil or coolant.  They will bolt onto most existing LitePOWER trailers in place of the existing fender box.

Truck Mount with Fork Pockets
For mounting directly to truck chassis, flat bed or any flat surface. Allows lifting with forklift from end of generator.

Fuel Tank
60 Gallon tank is standard.

80 Gallon tank is optional.


Run Time

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