Movie Quiet® 60KW Camera Car Generator

For years we have received requests for Camera Car Generators. The Generators available were gas powered and put out about 200 amps. It seemed that everybody wanted larger units. 250 to 300 amps would do the job we were told.

The problem was, and still is, that appropriate engines aren’t available. Engines with enough power were too large and heavy. The next size down didn’t have enough power. Two years ago one of the major manufacturers came out with a modern, electronic diesel engine that was perfect… we thought. Testing revealed that the frequency requirements we needed for HMI lights could not be met. No engine, no generator… simple as that.

Now things are starting to change. Lately we have been getting inquiries for larger Camera Car Generators. Seems like everybody wants to be able to power 2 18K HMI’s! Wow, that’s a lot of light. Considering the power factor for some of the ballasts the Generator would need to be at least 45 kw with no head room. Now a 50 or 60 kw Generator is not out of the question.

We also note that Camera Cars and Process Trailers are getting larger and require medium duty trucks rather than the one-ton pick-up trucks used in the past. The new ones that we are involved with have diesel engines and crew cabs. They need to be able to pull the large Process Trailers and also have enough capacity to carry a Crane as well.

Considering these new requirements we decided to create a Generator package for use on Camera Cars based on our LitePOWER 60kw Generator.

  • 500 amps in single phase, 500 amps in three phase
  • 2800 pounds
  • 37 inches tall (measured from top of 5 inch deck)
  • 36 inches wide
  • 96 inches long
  • Polished aluminum diamond plate on top
  • Cam-Loc panel, controls and breaker face rear deck
  • Single side engine servicing with lift-off doors
  • Cummins engine, Marathon Mariner alternator

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