Movie Quiet® 60/130KW Insert Generator

The LitePOWER 60/130KW Movie Quiet® Insert Generator was designed specifically for one purpose… to be installed as an integral part of a grip/electrical truck body requiring a minimum of space. This is not an adaptation of an existing product so no design compromises were required. It fits in 66 inches of space, weighs less than 4000 pounds and delivers as much as 1100 amps! All routine service items are accessible from the end of the generator housing and can be serviced while standing on the ground.

As with all LitePOWER products, the Insert Generator is automated for simple, worry-free operation. We use only the highest quality components from the leading suppliers such as Cummins, Marathon, Newage, Woodward/Barber-Colman and Controls, Inc.

Got a problem or a question? Service, operation and technical information about our LitePOWER products is available on our website Still got a question? Our toll free service number is available 24/7. 800 474-8111.

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