Movie Quiet® 140KW Generator 1100 Amps Prime Power 1200 Amps Standby @ 120 Volts

The LitePOWER 140KW Movie Quiet® Generator is one half the size of our competitors’. 1200 amps of power in a package that is light enough and small enough to be mounted on a one-ton truck chassis. When mounted on our LitePOWER trailer the entire package weighs 6400 pounds (2909 kg), including fuel.

As with all LitePOWER products, the 140KW Generator is automated for simple, worry-free operation. We use only the highest quality components from the leading suppliers such as Cummins, Marathon, Newage, Woodward/Barber-Colman and Controls, Inc.

Got a problem or a question? Service, operation and technical information about our LitePOWER products is available on our website Still got a question? Our toll free service number is available 24/7. 800 474-8111.

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