140KW Slider

Our LitePOWER 140kw (1200amp) Generator has a footprint of only 3 feet by 7 feet. Because of this it can be used where space is at a premium. Our LitePOWER 1200amp Sprinter package is a good example of how versatile the 140kw Generator is.

Another popular application mounts the 140kw sideways on a flatbed directly behind the cab. At only 4017 pounds it won’t overload the front axle. With our Single Side Service option the generator can operate and have routine maintenance performed in that position. The problem is that every once in a while you need to access the side against the cab.

Introducing the Slider. The travel is 18 inches. Installation is easy with all components, including the hydraulic ram and power unit, mounted to a common plate. Connect either 12 or 24 volts and you are ready to slide. When installed the generator is only 2 inches above the deck. It will bolt to all LitePOWER 120kw and 140kw Generators without modification.

The Slider is made of high strength steel and is zinc plated and powder coated. Wear surfaces are UHMW for long lasting, effortless operation. Installed weight is 392 pounds. Like all LitePOWER products, it is warranted for two years.

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