220KW Generator Specifications


Cummins QSB7-G5-NR3 Charge Air Cooled 324 bhp diesel engine. Meets EPA Mobile Off Highway Tier 3 Flex, California SCAQMD and CARB permitting requirements. Equipped with Envirogard filter for crankcase breather and oversized air filter for clean operation in and out of the engine.

Pre-Lubrication System
Engine oil pressure established prior to start-up for longer engine life.

Frequency Control
Electronic engine management ensures precise frequency control. Meets HMI lighting requirements.

Engine control and monitoring, AC monitoring, fault and pre-fault systems are provided by a microprocessor-based controller. All readouts are digital and are listed below. Weatherproof glass cover.

We are proud to offer the IntelliVision IV-8 LCD 8″ display unit.  There are several pages of information to view for generator, engine and maintenance/statistical information as well as a home page that displays typically requested information.

Main Page Display    Faults and Pre-Faults Electrical Display
AC Voltage – All Legs Oil Pressure Fault/Pre-Fault AC Voltage – All Legs
Amperage – All Legs Water Temp Fault/Pre-Fault Amperage – All Legs
Frequency – All Legs Over Crank Fault kW – Actual Power
Oil Pressure Over Speed Fault kVAr – Reactive Power
Water Temperature Low Fuel Fault and Pre-Fault Frequency – Hz
Battery Voltage Low Battery Pre-Fault
Fuel Level

PMG Generator
Stamford/Newage UCDI274J/WDG 311 with PMG. Low Wye (120/208) 240KW. Hi Wye (277/480) 240KW. ZigZag (120/240) 160KW. PMG provides constant excitation under all conditions. 2/3 pitch windings avoid excessive neutral currents. CSA listed.

Voltage Regulator
MX321 automatic voltage regulator with remote voltage adjustment. Mounted in its own housing with single plug-in connection. Set-up and operating instructions printed on cover. Features include:

  • Three Phase Sensing for unbalanced
    or non-linear loads
  • Isolation Transformers
  • Under frequency roll off
  • Voltage dip adjustment
  • Droop adjustment
  • Trim adjustment

Circuit Breaker
2 – 400 amp breakers, each with its own color coated output panel. Weatherproof glass cover. UL and CSA listed.

Electrical Connection
USA – 22 hole Cam-Lok – E1016 panel includes 4 male grounds, 4 female grounds, 8 neutral, 4 leg one, 4 leg two and 4 leg three. Convenience outlets: two Edison 20A duplex and one 100A Union connector with separate breakers.
CANADA – Cam-Loc 1016 replaced with 400A Ball Nose Connectors, Union connector replaced with 65A Joy connector. UL and CSA listed.

Lifting Devices
Top mounted lifting hooks allow crane lifting without damage to generator. Separate lifting holes allow for balance of generator only or generator and trailer combination. Removable for height reduction.

Hi Wye/Low Wye Switch
Change from 120/208 to 277/480 with a flip of a single switch. Includes computerized over current protection and shunt trips in breakers.

Optional Accessories

Paralleling System with Vacuum Contactor
The most advanced, comprehensive paralleling solution available today.” Works in conjunction with standard LitePOWER control panel.

  • Isochronous Load Sharing
  • Auto-Synchronizer
  • Load Management

Package includes vacuum contactor and all components for paralleling. Twin-pack and tri-pack configuration accomplished without external common buss.

Remote Annunciator
Remote monitoring of engine and generator via cable. Operates up to 1700 yards. Includes 50′ cable.

Remote Annunciator with Remote Start
Provides remote monitoring of engine/generator and remote start/stop.

Electronic Service Kit
Provides total redundancy of all electronic parts. Each component plugs in and requires only simple hand tools to install. Includes:

  • Generator Controller Set
  • Plug-in Spare Voltage Regulator

Trailer with 200 Gallon Fuel Tank
2 Dexter Torflex axles, 16″ aluminum 5 spoke wheels. E-rated tires, surge hydraulic brakes with LitePOWER Brake Retarder or Electric Brakes, 5 position coupler with your choice of 2-5/16″ ball or drawbar (for Pintle Hook), DOT lighting and markings, adjustable safety chains. 13200 lbs. (6000 kg) GVWR.

Hours of Running Time (200 Gallon Tank)

Load Time
25% 43:30
50% 25:30
75% 18:00
100% 13:45

Generator: L 96″ W 48″ H 84″ Generator, 200 tank, trailer: L 187″ W 96″ H 108″
Will fit inside of common 110″ trailer. Needs no specialized equipment to haul.

Generator (wet-no tank) 6400 lbs. (2909 kg)
Generator, LitePOWER Trailer and 200 Gallons of fuel 9970 lbs. (4532 kg)

Trailer with Secondary Containment Rupture Basin
Same as above with addition of our LitePOWER Integrated Rupture Basin. Large enough to contain all generator fluids including fuel, lube oil and coolant.

Noise Level
<52 dB(A) @ 50 feet.

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