120KW Generator Maintenance Schedule (in normal environments)


Engine Oil
Engine Oil Filter
Fuel Filter
Water Separator
In Line Fuel Filter
Air Filter Elements (2)
Hydraulic System Filter
Clean Radiator

200 hours
200 hours
400 hours
400 hours
800 hours
800 hours
800 hours

Normal environments refer to operation of the generator in normal conditions. Air quality, fuel quality, temperature and load all affect service frequency. Airborne containments will affect the air filter and radiator service requirements. Poor fuel, either from the source or due to storage, will affect the fuel filters. Load, either excessive or minimal, will affect the lube oil requirements. Inspection and testing are extremely important. If you have a question about performance, test unit with a load-bank.

Resetting time to service clock on LitePOWER Generators, 20kw to 200kw, with the single phase/three phase switch. Turn POWER ON and hold the RTM switch in the up position until the information has scrolled through it’s third repeat. This will reset the TIME TO SERVICE clock to 200 HOURS.

If the generator is equipped with a 480-volt position on the phase switch the instructions are the same with this exception; the AUTO/OFF/RUN switch must be in the AUTO position.


  • Engine Oil – Delo 15W40 or Rotella T 15W40
  • Engine Oil Filter – Fleetguard LF3349 or Napa 1607 or AC PF1070 – (updated 6-03)
  • Fuel Filter – Fleetguard FF5052 or Napa 3358 or AC TP1067 – (recommended change – Fleetguard FS19617 to replace FF5052 and FS1280, requires Cummins/Fleetguard adapter 3991166. 10-05)
  • Water Separator – Fleetguard FS1280 or Napa 3357 or AC T1068 – (recommended change – remove from system. See Fuel filter above. 10-05)
  • In Line Fuel Filter – Fleetguard FS1251 or Napa 3472 (Some models use Racor R60P (Napa 3231) or Racor R45P) – (recommended change – Fleetguard FS5079, requires minor change in fuel line. 10-15)
  • Air Filter, Main – Nelson 70301N
  • Air Filter, Safety – Nelson 70104N
  • Hydraulic System Filter Lenz CP 752-30, Donaldson P551553, Napa 1553
  • Hydraulic System Fluid – ATF III. Note: Do not fill above bottom of screen strainer.
  • Belt, Blower – Small – Fenner Power Twist A Belt
  • Belt, Blower – Large – Gates 330H100
  • Belt, Engine Water Pump/Alternator – Cummins 3911586

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