Movie Quiet® 20KW Generator (167 Amps Prime Power @ 120 Volts)


Lister-Petter LPW4 turbocharged 4 cylinder diesel. Meets EPA Mobile Off Highway, California CARB requirements.

Frequency Control
Barber-Colman electronic actuator with “True Crystal Technology”. For the first time, frequency is actually referenced to a quartz crystal!

Engine control, AC monitoring, fault and pre-fault systems are provided by a microprocessor-based system. All readouts are digital and are listed below. Weather-proof glass cover.

Stamford/Newage 22.3 single phase. 120-240V

Voltage Regulator
Newage SX460 with remote voltage adjustment.

Optional Accessories

Remote Annunciator
Provides remote monitoring of engine and generator with the same readouts as controller. Includes any length cable up to 50′.
Cable up to 1700 yards available. Size: 3″ T, 5.5″ W, 5″ D.

Remote Annunciator With Remote Start
Provides remote monitoring of engine/generator and remote start/stop.

Electronic Service Kit
Provides total redundancy of all electronic parts. Each component can be installed in less than ten minutes.

Lifting Sling

Enables generator to be picked up with crane or forklift truck with one centrally located eye.

Heavy steel tubing perimeter chassis with single Dexter Torflex axle, 20.5 X 8.0 – 10 wheels, spare tire, DOT lighting and marking. 2000 lbs. (907 kg) GVW with class two 2 inch ball.

Generator (with all fluids): 1304 lbs. (593 kg)
Generator (with all fluids) and fuel tank (empty): 1426 lbs. (648 kg)
Trailer with spare: 400 lbs. (182 kg)
Generator (w/fluids), tank (empty) and trailer: 1826 lbs. (830 kg)
Generator (w/fluids), tank (full) and trailer: 2036 lbs. (925 kg)
Tongue weight generator (w/fluids), tank (1/2 full): 242 lbs. (110 kg)

Generator, trailer and fuel tank 115″L 60″W 60″T
Generator 58″L 26’W 38″T

Fuel Tank
31 Gallon base mount.

Noise Level

Less than 50 dB(A) at 50 feet.

Circuit Breaker
90 Amp. UL and CSA listed.

Electrical Connection
UL listed, Cam-Lok E 1016 output panel with male and female ground. 1 Edison 20A duplex with 20A breaker provided for convenience outlet. NEC approved panel.

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