200KW Generator Unique Features

200KW / 1700 Amps
All this power in the traditional housing size. Generator weighs 7017 pounds (3190 kg) by itself. With trailer and 160 gallons of fuel in the 200 gallon tank, it weighs less than 10000 pounds (4536 kg). The generator and trailer are small enough to roll into a conventional trailer with 110-inch height.

Integrated Fork Pockets
Built-in to the rear end of the generator so that relocation from trailer to truck takes minutes. Accessible by removing the rear panel with two screws.

Top Mounted Lift Hooks
Made from 1-inch steel plate. Do not require a spreader to lift generator (rear hole) or generator and trailer (front hole). Can be removed or inverted for top clearance.

Engine and alternator are mounted to a structural sub-frame that can be removed readily for major engine overhaul or replacement. “In-frame” overhauls can be done in the housing. Lower panels under engine are removable.

Pre-Lubrication System
Engine oil pressure is established prior to engine start-up for longer engine life. Totally automated.

Electric Pump For Oil Change
The pre-lube pump can also be used to remove the oil from the engine. Just open the shut-off valve, take the cap off of the drain hose and push the button. Oil is removed in less than a minute!

Removable Doors and Panels
Doors, outside panels and inside panels can be removed in
minutes for total access to engine and alternator for major
servicing and repairs.

Exterior painted panels are now made of 1/8-inch aluminum, powder-coat painted and oven baked. We believe this to be the finest coating available.

PMG Generator
PMG (permanent magnet generator) provides constant excitation under all conditions. Noise and external electrical influences are eliminated. Exciter surge protection is also provided.

3 Phase Sensing Voltage Regulator
The automatic voltage regulator monitors all three phases (when in three-phase operation). This is provided for unbalanced and non-linear loads. Regulator is provided with isolation transformers for surge protection. The voltage regulator is mounted in a sheet metal housing and has a single 12-pin connector for easy replacement. Set-up and operation instructions are printed on the housing.

Single/Three Phase Selector Switch
Switch is accessed at the rear of generator. It is protected with a clear, weatherproof cover so you can tell if it is in single or three phase before you start the unit.

Dual 400A Breakers
On one, the ampacity is adjustable down to 200 amps. This allows you to use smaller cable without additional distribution boxes for quick, small jobs.

Automated Operation
As with all of our LitePOWER generators, operation is automated. Here are the instructions printed on the control panel:

  • Turn Power On
  • Switch To Run

200KW Trailer Unique Features

12-Inch Ground Clearance
Nothing to damage when going over curbs or off road. Overall height with LitePOWER 200KW generator is 108 inches. You can ship package in a conventional trailer with 110-inch clearance.

4 Wheel Independent Suspension with 6 Inches Of Travel
Smoother, more controlled ride with less “bucking” of the tow vehicle.

Aluminum 5 Spoke Wheels
A LitePOWER exclusive. They look great and won’t rust.
Lighter weight reduces unsprung weight for better handling.

Zero Running Gear Maintenance
Wheel bearings are permanently sealed and never need maintenance. Axles are Dexter Torflex made to LitePOWER specifications and have no springs or shackles. Trailing arms are mounted in rubber and never need servicing. They also will not “rattle” and make noise when generator is running.

Stainless Steel Guide Pins
Four locating pins match LitePOWER generator bases. Just lower the generator on and the mounting holes line up perfectly, every time.

Chain Tie Down Points
3/4-inch steel plates with 2-inch diameter holes are welded in 4 places for tying trailer down with chains. Each is located at a “hard point” so that excessive force will not damage trailer. The tie-down points are mounted low so chains will not damage trailer paint.

Internal Wiring
All LitePOWER trailers have internal wiring for long lasting reliability. Connection to tow vehicle is via a plug-in cable so that it can be easily replaced or exchanged for different connector configurations. All wiring terminates into a terminal strip mounted inside the rear bumper, underneath the license plate. Cover plate contains decal with wiring schematic.

Replaceable Fenders
Each fender is bolted on with four 3/8″-16 bolts, strong enough for two adults to stand on. Replacement takes minutes.

200-Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank
Will not rust or rot. Keeps your fuel clean. All connections are JIC and out in the open for easy access.

Left or Right Hand Fuel Filling
Always matches your tow vehicle for easier fueling.

10-Gallon Expansion Tank
Another LitePOWER exclusive. All of our packages have expansion tanks. Our fuel filler cap is sealed. You can fill the main tank all the way to the top. The expansion tank will capture excess fuel due to thermal expansion and will never leak on the ground.

Electronic Fuel Sending Unit and Gauge
We monitor the fuel level electronically and display percentage of fuel remaining. At 15% the pre-fault lamp is turned on and the fuel level reading flashes. At 0% we shut off the generator. At this point there is still some fuel in the tank. The engine will not run dry and require a technician to restart it.

Here is how we finish our trailers: The frame is sand blasted, then powder-coated with a zinc-rich primer and finally re-powder-coated with the finish high gloss color. The fenders are zinc plated and powder-coated with matching color.

Available LitePOWER Secondary Containment Rupture Basin
Basin is integrated into trailer and has enough capacity to hold all generator fluids at the same time. System is sealed so that rainwater will not diminish its capacity.

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